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Toothaches can be the result of many factors. The pain of a toothache usually presents itself with the following symptoms :

1) A throbbing sensation which can either be intermittent or continuous.

2) Usually intensifies while eating, chewing or drinking cold and/or hot liquids.

3) Can intensify while lying down, etc.
The dental origin of toothaches can include:
abscess, which is an infection around the tooth or gum
debris trapped between the teeth and/or gums
trauma to the face and/or teeth
Sometimes, a toothache can result from a medical condition and not have a dental origin eg. Sinusitis, Earaches.
Patients should always consult with their dentists to make sure the toothache is of dental origin. Regular dental and medical checkups are the best line of defense in the prevention of dental and medical disease.
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