about 32 Reasons
Our principle objective at 32 reasons is to provide the highest standard of dental care in a kind and efficient manner. We offer a friendly, relaxing environment spread over 1600 sq feet; the latest in technical innovations; and a wealth of experience in advanced dentistry.
The emphasis at 32 Reasons is on team practice, so that as wide a range of expertise as possible can be given to the individual patient's need. You may not have experienced this approach before. We are a team of dentists with an endeavour to provide the best.
We also have a child friendly room, "Kidszone" which has a variety of activity options to entertain tiny tots. Both the parent and child can relax here as the little one awaits for his or her examination.
Dr. Sagar has done his masters in dentistry from the University of Sheffield U.K. in 2000. He taught there for a while before moving back to Mumbai. He is a renowned dentist for top corporates houses and Bollywood stars.
Dr. Reshma did her advanced dentistry program from Manchester. They along with their team of specialists and associates manage 32reasons.
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