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Whether you like it or not, we live in a society that places tremendous emphasis on first impressions. Studies have shown how first impressions can influence job recruiting as well as salary offers. It is generally understood that your smile is one of the first characteristics noticed by others. A smile filled with beautifully aligned pearly whites will make a better impression than one that is poorly aligned. With the advances in modern dental materials and techniques, we can help you attain the smile you've always wanted. The color, contour and alignment of your teeth can be changed by cosmetic techniques such as cosmetic fillings (White fillings), bleaching, composite veneers,
porcelain veneers and orthodontia.
Here is a simple questionnaire to make it easier for you to decide whether you actually need a smile enhancement procedure.
Look at the two upper front teeth:
Are they slightly longer than the others, equal in length or shorter?
Do any teeth look too long or too short?
Do any teeth look too pointed or too flat?
Do any teeth have a shape you do not like?
Are the teeth crooked, overlapped, or protruding ?
Do you like the color of your teeth?
Do the front teeth contain fillings that are not matched with other teeth so they are noticed?
Do your teeth have stains and discolorations?
Do the necks of any teeth have erosion (a ditched-in "V" appearance that can be seen or felt with the fingernail)?
Are the gums pink and healthy-looking everywhere? (versus red and swollen)
Is too much of your gum seen when you smile (Gummy Smile).
Do you get conscious when you smile ?
If you have a 'Yes' to any of the above the questions you could consider visiting a cosmetic dentist. click here
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