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Dental sealants represent one of the greatest, but least known advances of modern dentistry. Applied during a simple procedure, dental sealants dramatically reduce childhood cavities.

The top surface of your teeth - where the chewing takes place- aren't smooth and flat. They are cris-crossed with tiny hills and valleys called pits and fissures. These are place where plaque can build up safe from your tooth brushand dental floss. Bacteria builds up in these pits and grooves which destroys tooth enamel causing cavities.
Dental sealants are clear protectice coatings which, once applied over the tooth surface prevent bacteria and food particles from settling into the pits and grooves. During the application the dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth, prepare the tooth surfaces for application, and then paint the dental sealant onto the teeth. The procedure is quick and painless.
Usually Sealants are applied after your child reaches the age of six when the first permanent molars come in. Dental sealants last for 4-5 years and can easily be reapplied by your dentist when they do wear off.
Dental sealants have been shown to significantly reduce cavities. Despite these facts, however, very few children are protected by dental sealants. The reason? Most dentists cite a lack of public awareness. Parents simply don't know that this is an effective option for protecting their children's teeth.
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