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Fluoride is one of the most effective agents for preventing tooth decay. Fluoride is safe and necessary, but only at appropriate levels. Fluoride works two ways: systemically, meaning it strengthens teeth internally, under the gums in the jawbone. Externally, fluoride strengthens enamel, the hard outer coating on teeth.
Systemic Sources of fluoride:
Drinking Water
Vegetables, Fruits.
Fluoride Tablets
External (local) application:
> Toothpaste
> Mouthrinse
> Office application by the dentist in the form of fluoride gels and varnishes.
Fluoride also helps repair early damage to teeth. When a weak spot on your tooth is detected, fluoride treatments may be recommended to reverse the decay process. If the weak spot is left unchecked, a cavity may form, requiring a filing. If decay is allowed to spread, it may penetrate the root and enter the pulp (nerve) chamber, causing an abscess and requiring root canal treatment.
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