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Snacking -- it's a frequent ritual for all ages and a regular part of most kids' lives. Healthy snack foods can contribute to a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of foods, giving our bodies the nutrients they need.

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, free of cholesterol, virtually fat-free, and low in calories….which are good reasons for enjoying them as snacks.

When the teeth are developing and erupting, foods high in calcium and phosphorus should be a big part of a child's diet. Cheese, milk, yogurt and broccoli with cheese are some foods high in calcium and phosphorus.
However cut down on high sugar foods like pastries, candies and other sweets as they promote tooth decay.

Decrease the number of times the child eats sugar in snacks as this increases the risk of getting cavities more than the amount eaten at one sitting.

Foods that stick to your teeth such as caramel, salted crackers, cookies and salted chips should be avoided unless you can brush soon after eating.

Fizzy drinks, even low sugar drinks, are acidic and harmful. Cola drinks are more damaging than other fizzy drinks. Drinks drunk through a straw generally stay in contact with the teeth for less time and therefore do less damage.

In brief encourage children to eat healthy snacks but limit the frequency of snacking. Let them know that brushing between meals whenever possible is an excellent way to fight cavities.
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